Once upon a time, Oculus Rift ruled the world…

The virtual reality (VR) world, anyway. Not so much anymore. Now that VR heavyweights Sony, HTC and Samsung have entered the ring, there’s a whole new reality in, well…VR.

Sony’s PlayStation VR was recently crowned “Editor’s Choice” by PC Mag. And, if you happen to own a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone, such as the S7 or S7 Edge, you can get “untethered” VR for just $100. You’ll pay four times that for the Rift, HTC’s Vive or Sony’s PlayStation VR – all tethered sets, requiring a clunky cable from headset to hardware.

Vive has the most advanced technology, but Rift is nearly as sophisticated and sells for $200 less. You could shell out that much for the Rift’s hand controllers, but, according to PC Mag, they’re well worth it. So while Oculus may not be king, it’s still a serious contender.