Cloud Services for Dallas Fort Worth Businesses

Cloud Services is a generic term that refers to any service that is hosted on a server on the internet and not in your office.

Here are just a few of the Cloud Services offered by Phoenix IT Advisors:

  • Our Cloud Servers can augment or replace your on-site servers allowing your users access to data from anywhere, even if your office is offline.
  • Our Cloud Desktop Environments provide a common desktop for your users allowing them to be productive from any computer anywhere. All business applications run on the server and all data is secure. This is a great solution for businesses with multiple offices or mobile It allows all users to work in the same network and share files no matter where they are working and what devices they are using.  Applications can be accessed from cell phones, tablets, Macs and Windows based PCs.
  • Office 365 is a mix of software and services and can be a little confusing. As a Microsoft Office 365 Partner, we manage every aspect of your Office 365 account from creating new users and resetting lost passwords to massive email migrations. Phoenix IT Advisors’ Partner relationship with Microsoft provides fast access to support teams allowing us to have problems resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Offsite backups on our Cloud servers are encrypted and stored in a secure data center giving you peace of mind knowing your data is secure.

See what Cloud Computing can do for your DFW business today

If you want to improve the functionality of your business, Cloud Services from Phoenix IT Advisors is the solution. Contact us today to schedule your free Network Assessment.