I have Worked With Fortune 500 Companies That Are Not Able To Deliver On An SLA As Well As Phoenix IT Advisors

By far, the greatest benefit of our partnership with Phoenix IT Advisors, outside of their expertise, has been the personal relationship and responsiveness to our IT needs.  The level of service they provide is beyond any that I have experienced.  I have worked with Fortune 500 companies that are not able to deliver on an SLA as well as Phoenix IT Advisors.  I have yet to be dissatisfied with the service that they provide and their ability to resolve IT issues and that is why I will continue to work with Phoenix IT Advisors.

Doug Lutz Caring For Women

Phoenix IT Advisors Made My Job 10x Easier

A while back we weren’t able to connect to our Practice Management software, Medinformatix. Some parts of it would work, but others were completely blank and wouldn’t let us put any information into it. Phoenix IT Advisors came by, spent some time in our IT closet, then came out and said we were good to go. Sure enough, I opened it back up, and everything was working. There were menus and forms that I had never even known were there that make my job 10X easier.

Dr. Isaac Perez, M.D. Flower Mound Dermatology

Phoenix IT Advisors Is A Valuable Extension Of My Staff

Phoenix IT Advisors takes the time to get to know us and care about our firm and our staff as individuals.  They provide proactive ideas for improvements and are a valuable extension of our staff.   We have an awesome working relationship.  When I reach out to them by phone, email or online they always provide a prompt response.

Aleatris Stanley Aleatris Stanley CPA

Over 9 Years Of Operating With No Down Time Due To IT Issues

We have been working with Phoenix IT Advisors for over 9 years and we operate with minimal to no downtime due to IT issues. They provide a friendly business environment; you speak to an actual person that really knows about IT. Our business often requires us to work from international locations and I have had no issues with support while we are in other countries. It is also very helpful for us that Justin, the CEO of Phoenix IT Advisors, is bilingual. We trust Phoenix IT Advisors with our corporate credit card, passwords and entire systems without reservation.

Liliana Gussman Owner
Orozco Spanish Services, Inc.

Phoenix IT Advisors Is Responsive To Our Needs

Phoenix IT Advisors is responsive to our needs. They provide excellent customer service and have a great work ethic. One of the areas where they excel above other IT firms is going above and beyond and adjusting their schedule to best fit with ours. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Phoenix IT Advisors to anyone looking for an IT Service Provider.

Ellen Reilly Office Manager
Academy Computer Services, Inc.

They Solve Problems Quickly So That We Can Be Productive

Phoenix IT Advisors is familiar with our company, our equipment and our staff and it allows them to better service our account. When an IT problem occurs and stops our ability to work, they solve the problem quickly so that we can be productive at what we do…. solving IT issues is NOT what we do! I have trusted Phoenix IT Advisors with my IT needs for over 6 years, other companies can trust them too.

James Fee Owner
Stoic Civil Construction

They Will Go Over And Above Any Other IT Company Out There

For the past five years we have worked with Phoenix IT Advisors for our IT needs and are always impressed by their outstanding diligence and high-level of technical expertise. We are more than satisfied with our working relationship. They tackle every project with enthusiasm and competence. They consistently produce quality work, on time, and within budget targets. Phoenix IT Advisors is a company that is accountable and responsible with a superior work ethic and a high degree of integrity. They do an exceptional job and go over and above any other IT company out there.

Sandra Hart Office Manager
Flower Mound Dermatology

Phoenix IT Advisors Worked and Worked On It Until It Worked 100%

ZirMED is an app we use that is vital to our business. For some reason, it just wouldn’t work at all all of a sudden. We use this for patient charts and payments. We hired Phoenix IT Advisors to take a look, and they worked and worked on it until it finally worked 100%. It is such a relief.

Pat Jenkins Flower Mound Dermatology

It Is Not About Business, It Is Relationships

Do you know that moment, that helpless moment when a virus, ad pop-up or blue screen appears? I do, and after spending hours on the phone with tech support or spending time installing some useless preventative software, yet your problem still is not fixed? I do not have that problem anymore; I just call Phoenix IT Advisors and they fix the problem. If it cannot be fixed, they are honest and tell you what you need to do to get your business back up and running for a fair price. They stand out from other firms by answering requests honestly and with a quick response time. Phoenix IT Advisors is an extension of my vendor family, it is not about business, it is relationships.

Chris Wells Owner
The Classic Café at Roanoke

They Always Rise To the Challenge

My computer was just a mess. One day a program would work, and the next day nothing would work. I call Phoenix IT Advisors every time something new comes up, and they always rise to the challenge.

Barbara Stevens Flower Mound Dermatology

Phoenix IT Advisors Provides An “Always Ready” Resource To Solve Our IT Issues

Phoenix IT Advisors provides us with easy to use, always ready resources to solve our IT issues. Their rates are reasonable, and their billing is simple. Phoenix IT Advisors works for us, try it and see how it works for you.

Bryce Linton General Manager
WaterTech Industries

There Is Peace of Mind Knowing We Have Professionals We Can Count On

Phoenix IT Advisors changed out the main computer for our point of sale. They picked a quality computer and worked with our software provider to ensure a seamless transition. There is peace of mind knowing that we have professionals we can count on to handle all of our computer needs. I appreciate the prompt and complete service.

Curtis Wells Owner
The Classic Café at Roanoke

Joe Is Fantastic… He Scores A 12 Out Of 10!!!

The Phoenix IT Advisors staff is wonderful. I just got off the phone with Joe and he is fantastic. He scores a 12 out of 10!!! He is knowledgeable and patient. He answered my questions and helped me get a better understanding of the type of laptop I need to purchase. John also did an awesome job working on my computer and getting it back to me quickly.

Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy Owner
MPM Insurance Plans

Phoenix IT Advisors Is The Best!

Simply put, Phoenix IT Advisors is the best! I seriously cannot say one bad thing about this company. They are extremely knowledgeable and just a great group of people. They have an extremely fast response time and keep you up to date on the progress of their work. Each time I contact them they are friendly and immediately start to work on my computer problems. I love this company and highly recommend them for all your computer needs.

Janice Kelly Assistant/Accounting
Kareneva Law Firm