Structured Data Cabling - Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth

Phoenix IT Advisors will work with your business to develop a strategy that will provide you with peace of mind and will allow you to concentrate on growing your business instead of stressing about cybersecurity and data protection.

We will work closely with you to assess your current situation, determine how to strengthen your defense and be by your side to continuously monitor the safety of your business and your clients. Our managed security services will:

  • Develop an effective cybersecurity program that will continuously monitor your entire IT environment and quickly detect and manage threats
  • Provide certified, experienced cybersecurity experts – this will eliminate the frustration and expense of recruiting, hiring and maintaining an internal cybersecurity team
  • Minimize the impact of state and federal compliance regulations
  • Provide training for your staff to help them recognize new cybersecurity threats that may arise at work or at home
  • Provide a Client Relationship Manager – cybersecurity is not just an “IT” issue, it’s about the overall health of the business and we want to be there with you as a resource as your business changes and grows
  • Provide monthly reports and quarterly security reviews to make sure you stay on track
  • Provide a Security Road Map so that you are aware of changes on the horizon and how your business may need to adjust.
  • Provide Incident Response Team Access
  • Provide a client portal for your staff to use for non-emergency questions and concerns