DFW Rockstars is a podcast with a single mission: to solve business problems. Only about 1 in 3 businesses will survive, and that's when the economy is "normal". There is nothing easy about running a business and if we aren't constantly learning, there's a very good chance we will end up as a statistic.

On DFW Rockstars we interview local business leaders who have beat the odds. We are here to learn from each other, to better ourselves, and to come together as a business community. Some of the most common problems that cause businesses to fail include: poor market research, money problems, people problems, marketing/lead generation issues, and burnout. We'll hit these subjects head on, learning from those who have been there and done that.

Avoiding Debt Like The COVID Plague

On Episode 5 of DFW Rockstars, we have special guest Richard Gibson, talking about business debt, tax laws, his greatest pivot point, and the importance of being transparent, up-front, and communicating with your team, and to start now, before you have an emergency.

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7 Steps to Grow your Company's Revenue Using LinkedIn

7 Steps to Grow your Company's Revenue Using LinkedIn with Mark McIntosh
Mark is the founder of RevGrow.com, a B2B lead generation and revenue growth firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with regional offices nationwide. Helping businesses grow revenue with proven strategies...

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Tony Roberts Breaks Down PPP Loan Forgiveness

Let me Introduce today’s guests. In studio we have Andrea from Phoenix IT Advisors and Tony from Insperity...

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Dallas Run Clinic - Straight Line to Success

Business is never a straight line to success. Well, almost never. Steve White of Dallas Run Clinic did a whole lot of the right things from day 1...

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Vince Lujan - From Live to Lockdown: New Life Born of Death

Vince Lujan is a local musician that plays at restaurants, worship services, weddings, and various other live events (like my son's funeral). Like everyone else, COVID rocked his world. But only temporarily. I firmly believe that crisis brings out the best in us. It certainly did for Vince....

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