We Take Care of Our Own
Fierce loyalty. To each other. To the company. From the company. To and from our clients. We will run straight into the fire and pull you from a burning building.

We Proactively Innovate
Anybody can fix computers. Our solution looks more like someone waived a magic wand and granted a free wish. And not just so they can get back to business as usual. But so they can get back to business in a way they never knew was possible.

We Own the Outcome
If we say it, we do it. Period. Failure is not an option, and it's never anybody else's fault. Other people or things may prove to be obstacles, but we only see those as challenges to be overcome. Potential victories to brag about.

We Are Positive, Friendly, and Respectful
Sometimes life sucks. For all of us. (See core value #1.) But when it's game time, we put our personal problems, challenges, struggles, frustrations, and pains aside. We put a smile on our faces, we get to an emotional place where we can elevate those around us, we roll up our sleeves, and we get to work.
We all have our own personal values and beliefs, and nobody can change that about us. We grant the same privilege to all those we work with. Sharing opinions is fine, but we will never disrespect another for having a different point of view.

We Do Our Very Best Work
None of us are perfect, and perfection is never expected at the workplace. That said, we are never satisfied with mediocrity. We are constantly studying, learning, growing, and improving. We do this for the satisfaction of the achievement, for the future opportunities it will open for us personally, and we do it to crush our competitors.