Keep your banking computer separate

Show Notes

UPDATE to last week's Headlines:
  • FireEye discovered a new "sophisticated second-stage backdoor"(SunShuttle) on the servers of an organization compromised by the threat actors behind the SolarWinds supply-chain attack.
  • If you're keeping track – 1.SunSpot (Orion backddor) 2. Sunburst (second Orion backdoor), 3.Teardrop (memory-dropper for Cobalt Strike beacon installs) 4. RainDrop (TearDrop alternative if it didn't work) 5. SuperNova (delivered through Orion trojan)

This Week's Security Tip:
If you do online banking, NEVER access your online account with a PC or device that you use to log in to social media sites or free e-mail accounts (like Hotmail) or to surf the web. Since these are all highly hackable, keeping one PC dedicated to online banking reduces your chances of getting a bank-account-hacking virus. Of course, that PC should have antivirus installed, be behind a well-maintained and well-monitored firewall, have a strong password and be monitored for suspicious activity.

Today's Headlines:
  • QNAP devices are being hacked to mine cryptocurrency - 4,297,426 potentially vulnerable QNAP NAS devices online.  Need to be patched with firmware after August 2020
  • Microsoft Exchange (2013, 16, and 19) servers patch 4 zero-days, at least 4 state-sponsored hacking groups now exploiting published un-patched machines.  30,000 confirmed US exploits (100's of thousands worldwide), including hospitals, banks, telecoms, utilities, police.

Next Week's Teaser: It’s tempting to do this and think it’s ok...

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