IT Security Tip: Bookmark the LEGITIMATE websites you frequently visit

Here’s a sneaky trick used by many hackers: they purchase and set up a fraudulent website that is a close misspelling of a legitimate one. Example: (extra “o”) or (instead of .com). All you have to do is accidentally fat-finger ONE letter in the URL and up pops a very legitimate-looking fake copy of the site you were trying to get to – and the login and links are full of keylogger malware and virus landmines waiting for you to click on them. This is particularly important for any social networks you belong to.

Two Tips: One, bookmark key sites you frequently visit. But even better, have us install a web gateway security product that BLOCKS sites that are suspicious and fraudulent. That way, even if you click on a link to a phishing site, get directed to an infected site or accidentally type in the wrong URL, the site will be blocked, protecting you and your employees.


Episode Show Notes:
[2:00] - We are going out of order today. Rather than end with our offer, we are going to start with it. The reason is, I feel like over the last couple episodes I’ve gone soft...
Justin asks Joe some questions:
  • What’s the title of this podcast?
  • Do you remember why we name it Stupid or Irresponsible?


[3:35] - When I decided to call the podcast “Stupid or Irresponsible” I did it on purpose. To be inflammatory with the topic. I wanted to get people's attention, because this is one of those things we CAN’T take lightly.  We can’t just sit around and hope we don’t get hit with ransomware, hope we don’t get hacked by criminals in China and Russia.

  • [5:10] - Here’s what’s stupid: Putting fire alarms in your house AFTER having a fire. The most frequent sales of fire alarms are after people had a fire.
  • When we are selling cybersecurity services, unless someone has had some sort of a cyber security event, they are very unlikely to buy...
  • [5:25] - What's STUPID is waiting for the event to happen and then taking preventive measure to prevent the event that just happened.
  • [9:50] - If something doesn’t cause emotional response in us, we don’t take action. So yes, listeners, we are trying to scare you but trying to scare you in a way that will PREVENT something that is catastrophic.
[11:10] - When I started this off, we are going in a little reverse order, before we even dig into our topic today, we are going to talk about this offer for a free Security Assessment.  
How do I get my FREE Business Security Assessment?    
During this assessment, I will ask you some very key questions, and in just 10-minutes I can tell you what we need to do... A roadmap to success. 100% free.
  • What is a Key Question I will ask you in this Discovery Call? 
    • One of the very first questions I ask is if you are doing a regular consistent end-user education?
      • Are your employees constantly going through some sort of cyber security program, and if they are, who is running it? When was the last time you went through an employee training program?
Go to and book a 10-minute call before it’s too late!
[13:00] - Justin gives Joe a POP QUIZ about this Security Assessment:
  • How much does this Security Assessment I offer cost?
  • How many strings are attached?
  • Will we try to sell you something you don’t need?
  • Does anyone ever complain about me, Justin, being a high-pressure salesperson?
[32:55] - What is stupid: Buying a fire alarm after your house is burned down. Guys don’t wait. Please do not wait until you’ve been breached, hit with ransomware, until your business is vaporized. Because a lot of businesses aren't coming back from these attacks. They’re brutal.
A few simple measures. We can provide a roadmap that can protect you from 97% of this stuff. 
Take 10-minutes go to we’ll write a custom plan for you and we will help you put it into place if you’d like.