7 Steps to Grow your Company's Revenue Using LinkedIn with Mark McIntosh

Mark is the founder of RevGrow.com, a B2B lead generation and revenue growth firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with regional offices nationwide. Helping businesses grow revenue with proven strategies.

Show Notes
There’s no straight line to success
[3:00] - Tell me something, one of your most significant challenges in your career.
Mark shares a couple of roadblocks that changed the trajectory of his career
  • In 2011 I came to DFW on a business trip, first time ever to Texas. I was doing some calling to DFW and Texas and knew there was something unique.  What I didn’t know when I came to Texas on that 3-day business trip, was the second day it came upon me that I needed to uproot the family and move to Texas. Try explaining that to my wife, we had three kids they were all 10 and under.
  • Two months later we made the move to DFW.
  • The biggest challenge, which I realized rather quickly, is how important those 15 years in the Midwest were. My entire network, everyone I knew, knew me, it was all based there.
  • I came to DFW in 2011 without any contacts or connections in any real significance or volume. I was coming into the market from scratch. And that was a big hurdle to overcome.
  • That time period, although it was one of the most challenging, I’ve had, it was also one that I can point to as being foundational to what we’re doing now. Because I developed some systems, process and strategies for leveraging LinkedIn to not only get in front of more prospects out there but to do it in a more scalable way.
  • An example of a very big challenge in my career that has turned into a blessing because it really forced me to rethink and figure out how in the world do I come to a new geography, from complete scratch, turn that into a workable situation from a sales development and marketing situation.
[7:00] - You said you came to DFW, you found the people friendly, then you said you learned you had to move... Was that a lightbulb moment or kind of forced on you by an employer?
  • Mark say, no I wasn’t forced. I made the decision to move on my own. Which made it a more difficult sell on my family.
[9:00] - You said two words “scalable” and “repeatable” those are huge.
  • If you were to give me the formula as simple as possible what would I do on LinkedIn to build up a base that I want to sell into?
[9:40] - Mark gives the formula “7 steps to grow your revenue using LinkedIn”:
  1. Position your personal brand by creating a client-centric profile. Key to step #1 starts with the headline: what you do, who you work with, and most importantly how you help them. That’s your value proposition.
  2. Develop a content strategy. Tip on content is giving your best stuff away free.
  3. Using LinkedIn search and other resources outside of LinkedIn to find your high value prospects who fit your criteria.  Start narrow and the sooner you can niche down the better off you’ll be.
  4. Build your data base. Focus Quality Over Quantity
  5. Set up your messaging machine. The key here: Develop messages that are value-add and non-salesy messages. Then, develop a system and process for sending out your messages.
  6. Develop a system in a way to manage all these. We recommend doing it outside of LinkedIn
  7. Continue to nurture those leads so you get the call when the time is right.
[18:15] - Justin is going to try this and put it to the test. I’ll report back in a few weeks on what I’ve done. Hold myself accountable. We’ll be back in touch
[19:00] You’ve given us the formula... final thought on why do I need to do that?
  • The bottom line is we’re all focused on running our business and doing things we love to do and do best. The real value is we do it for our clients so they can focus on what they do best.
Justin says anyone listening to this can hold him accountable to put this formula to the test!